A.    Conduct teaching and learning courses and workshops for new lecturers (for old lecturers it is more of a 'refresher course' related to basic counseling skills, communication skills, teaching skills stress management skills and so          on where it can help improve the quality of relationships between lecturers and students. Examples of courses are as follows :

  • Personality and Student Development Workshop (Probation)
  • Basic Teaching & Learning Course
  • Outcome-Based Education Workshop
  • Research Methods Workshop (Engineering)
  • Research Methods Workshop (Social Sciences)
  • Official Document Writing and Public Speaking Workshop 
  • Taxonomy Workshop & Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
  • Postgraduate Supervision Workshop

B.  Implement programs to improve the teaching and learning techniques of UniMAP academic staff on a regular basis to met the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

C.  Coordinating My3S data entry by students and reporting the analysis to the University's highest authority.


A.  Conduct seminars, colloquiums, dialogues and public lecturers and International academic lecturers regularly to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI). An example program is as follows : 

  • UniMAP Professor General Lecture
  • International Academic Lecture
  • Lectures by Local Figures / Premiers
  • UniMAP's CEO - Faculty Program' Lecture 

B. Coordinate the participation of UniMAP academic staff with Higher Education Leadership Academics (AKEPT)

C. Publish articles, book and central bulletins related to teaching & learning. 

D. Become a Reference Centre for academic centers that will  organize lectures, seminars and workshops.

E.  Forging cooperation and professional ties with universities, agencies, international organizations in the field of education sustainability


A. Develop, operate and coordinate websites related to e-Learning such as : 

  • UniMAP Online Learning Website 
  • UniMAP MOOC Website 
  • GAA (Global Access Asia) Website 

B. Plan, coordinate and implement workshops related to e-Learning such as : 

  • Blended Learning Training - Of - Trainer Workshop 
  • MOOC Content Development Workshop