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Client's Charter


Centre for Sustainable Leadership Academic Development (LEAD)



- Implement  6 courses/workshops/seminars related to the field of teaching and learning to academic staff in a year.

- Implement 4 program/academic lecture in a year.

- Implementing 3 e-learning workshops a year.

- Evaluate and ensure 4 system web site related to the field of E-learning to achieve at least 80% in the assessment of the University's website.

- To ensure that more than 80% of student that input the data entry to My3S .

- Ensure the satisfaction of academic staff who are attending the course is on the scale 4 (high). 

Functions of LEAD

Some roles and functions of LEAD :

1. Plan, coordinate and implement courses / workshops/ seminars for university academic staff as follows :

  • Teaching and Learning Certification Programme
  • Research Methodology Workshop (Engineering & Social Science)
  • Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Workshop
  • Postgraduate Supervision Workshop
  • Bloom Taxonomy Workshop

2. Plan, coordinate and implement programs related to academic fields :

  • Professorial Lecture Series
  • International Academic Lecture Series
  • Local Figures Lectures
  • Industrial Talk

3. Plan, coordinate and implement workshops related to E-Learning as :

  • Training-of-Trainer Blended Learning Workshop
  • MOOC Content Development Workshop

4. LEAD also act as a refferal center in organizing seminars, lectures and workshops.


Sustainable Development Unit, Chancellery Department was established in November 2007. This unit was established started at the 10th Floor, KWSP Building,Kangar then moved and officially operate at the 1st Floor, Kompleks Pentadbiran Taman Kechor Indah on December 2007. The unit is leads by a Director, two Administrative Officer, one Director’s Secretary, one Administrative Assistant and one General Assistant.


And now, this unit is attached with the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International). First Director of SDU is Dato’ Professor Dr. Mohaidin Jamaludin served from November 2007 until January 2009 and the second Director is Ms. Ina Suryani Ab Rahim served in February 2009 until June 2010. The third director is Dr. Mizan Mohd Mohammad Aslam served from August 2010 till present.


While, the first Administrative Officer is Y.M. Erman Shah Bin Raja Raja Arifin and his served SDU starting from November 2007 to June 2008, while the second Administrative Officer is Mr. Zakaria Bin Othman @ Ismaill served from July 2008 till Dec 2011. Currently, SDU have new Administrative Officer namely Ms Rohana Zainol and Mr. Hasrul Nizam Halim.


First, Secretary to Director at SDU is Ms. Rohaya Roais, served from November 2007 till February 2009 and the second Secretary to Director is Ms. Rohana Zainol, served from Mac 2009 till September 2011 and third Secretary to Director is Y. M Tengku Zalina Tengku Ahmad from October 2011 till present. Ms. Nur Atikah Ramli is Administrative Assistant and starting his career with SDU from November 2007 till present and Mr. Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Fauzi is General Officer and starting his career with SDU on November 2007 till present.


Mission & Vision


  • As a center for sustainability development towards achievement in quality in environment and sustainable.



  • To ensure the sustainability development is planned and quality towards conducive environment in line with the national and university agenda.

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